What do campers do all day?

Camp activities include marching, sitting meditation, participating in cooking meals, campfires and team building games. There is also free time during which campers simply enjoy the beautiful environment and hang out together.

What should I bring to camp?

Take a look at the what to bring page.

How do I get there?

Check out the locations page.

Can campers make phone calls?

There is no phone available for campers to make calls to parents or vice versa. In case of an emergency Sun Camp staff will contact the parents. If this is your child´s first time away from home, it is important to remind them that unless there is a real emergency, there will not be a phone from which they can call during camp.

How can I get in touch with staff?

Staff are available through email up until three days before the Cadet Command Workshop. Please ask all last minute questions by that time. After that, staff have arrived at the camp grounds themselves and started to prepare for the arrival of campers and will not be reachable by email or phone.

Is this camp only for Buddhist kids?

Sun Camp is inspired by and based upon Buddhist teachings and is part of the wider Shambhala community. However, it is not a requirement to be Buddhist and many young people from other faith traditions have enjoyed their time at Sun Camp.

What’s the weather like?

Check here for the weather in Nova Scotia, Colorado, and France.

Can campers leave camp if they have a bad time?

We do our most to encourage campers to stay. For many 10 year olds, this is their first time away from home and the first few nights can be difficult. Those who stick it out discover a feeling of accomplishment and independence. However, if a camper absolutely does not want to be there, we will not stop him/her from going home.

Is Camp dangerous?

Sun Camp has the risks that any outdoor camp has – exposure to a rugged physical environment with extreme weather and physical activities in the woods. It is important for all participants to drink plenty of water during the heat, have appropriate rain gear and know their own physical limits.

Are there scholarships available?

Sun Camp is run with an all-volunteer staff so the cost of going to camp is very close to what it actually costs us to run camp and take care of your child for a week. For those who cannot afford to pay, there are payment plan options (like paying a monthly sum over the course of the year) and some scholarships. For more information please email us using the contact info at the bottom of the page.

What time is the final parade?

Colorado: 1:00 p.m, Nova Scotia: 1:00 p.m, France: Noon.

Who is responsible for putting on three camps each year?

All three camps are run by the Sun Camp Leadership Group, a body of experienced staff who commit to making sure that camps happen every summer in France, Nova Scotia and Colorado. If you have concerns regarding camp that you would like to bring to the Leadership Group´s attention, you can email the Chair here

How do I become Sun Camp Staff?

Find out on the Staffing page!