Nova Scotia, Canada

Limousin, France

Colorado, USA


Colorado, USA

2017 Dates
The Cadet Command Workshop (CCW): July 13  –  16  — $150
Sun Camp: July 16  –  23  — $495 ($450 with early registration discount)
Rites of Warriorship (ROW): July 23 – 25

Greetings everyone. We have some good news… we have a new and improved online application!  Getting used to new software services takes some time, but we are excited to make the effort given the upgrade to our process. With our new software service you will be able to:

  • Automatically save your information from year to year.
  • Automatically save your application at any point in the process, and come back to it later.
  • Set up automatic payment plan options.
  • Have the opportunity to buy into a very inexpensive insurance product to cover issues related to travel, cancelation, and medical emergencies during camp.
  • Participate in “Camp Grams” which are one-way (you to camper) communications sent by email.

Here is a link to a brief video of Michael Rich going through the registration process online: Brief Online Tutorial

Please follow this link to set up your account and register for camp: Shambhala Sun Camp Application (If you have already registered this year, we will do the work of transferring your information into the new system)

Health Form: It is still the case that we will need signatures from you and your physician on our health forms to accept anyone to camp. You can find these documents in the online application, as well as at link below. Once the documents are completed you can upload them to your online profile. This can be as easy as taking a picture with your phone and then choosing those pictures when uploading. If you can’t upload the completed documents you can send them to:

Shambhala Sun Camp
c/o James Thorpe
2968 Eagle Way
Boulder, Co 80301

Download the Shambhala Sun Summer Camp Health and Immunization Form.

Payment: We encourage you to use the online options for payment. However, if you prefer to pay by check, please send payment to:

Shambhala Sun Camp
c/o James Thorpe
2968 Eagle Way
Boulder, CO 80301

Wondering what to pack? Here is a list of things to bring and not to bring.